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DG's December Message

A. December: A Tribute to Mentors
B. New additions to our family
C. District Calendar
D. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Dear fellow toastmasters,

A. December: A Tribute to Mentors

The beauty of Toastmasters is that "Friends help Friends succeed". In toastmasters, we are never short of friends who are every ready to give us a helping hand when needed.

I am indeed grateful to all my mentors who have helped me over the years. It was my mentor in toastmasters who encouraged and coached me towards the completion of my ten basic manual speeches. It was my mentor who gave me the courage to take up my leadership role as a Club President and higher offices. Friends in toastmasters helped me to be successful in what I am today.

"Some people come into our lives and quietly go; others stay for a while, and leave footprints on our hearts and we are never the same." - Anonymous

December is the month to give Tribute to Mentors. Take time to reflect on the current year. Take time to remember someone who have coached you to become a better speaker, a better communicator and a more confident person. Is there someone who has left footprints on your hearts along your life's journey?

December is Month of Mentors. Do something special this month to show your gratitude and appreciation to friends who have helped you succeed. Take time each week this month to:

- write an email to thank a friend, or
- send a heartfelt letter, or
- give a phone call

or maybe you like to:

- send an electronic or snail-mail greeting card, or
- give a surprise Christmas gift to a friend

You may be surprised that what you do this month will mean so much to friends who have contributed to your success. As we experience the breakthrough, let us remember friends who helped us along the way.

B. New additions to our family

A warm welcome to our family in District 51 (for month of October).

1. Fuchun Toastmasters Club 7413-51, Area S1
Chartered: 6 October, 2000
Sponsors: Patsy Fong (Cheng San), Lilian Lau (Tanglin)
Mentor: Lawrence Lim (Cheng San), Lee Sok Lian (Cheng San)
Sponsoring Club: Cheng San & Leng Kee Toastmasters Clubs

2. Ang Mo Kio Mandarin Toastmasters Club 5913-51, Area M4
Chartered: 11 October, 2000
Sponsors: Michael Yuen (Bt Batok Mand), Lai Teck Seng (Bt Batok Mand)
Mentor: Li Bih Fen (SIM Mand), Tee Chai Tin (SIM Mand)
Sponsoring Club: Bt Batok Mandarin Toastmasters Club

3. Bedok Toastmasters Club 1017-51, Area D3
Chartered: 23 October, 2000
Sponsors: Aziz Mustajab (Siglap), James Ho (Siglap)
Mentor: Rosean Neilsen (Siglap), James Seck (New Millennium)
Sponsoring Club: Siglap and NOL Toastmasters Clubs

4. Kowloon Manulife Toastmasters Club 8547-51, Area H5
Chartered: 31 October, 2000
Sponsors: Irene Chen (Dynamic)
Mentor: Talis Wong (Centraler)
Sponsoring Club: Centraler Toastmasters Club

Congratulations to all sponsors and mentors, and to all toastmasters friends who have helped to build the above club.

C. District Calendar

** TIP: Announce these events/programs at the end of each Club Chapter Meeting

December 2000

1. Membership Campaign: Tell-A-Friend!
** District 51 award **
- Governor's ribbon : for individual sponsoring 3 new members
** TI World-headquarters' awards **
- Tell A Friend pin : for individual sponsoring 5 new members
- Gold Star pin : for sponsoring 10 new members
- A Toastmasters necktie or scarf (new) : for sponsoring 15 or more members.

2. Breakthrough with Speechcraft
- Plan a Speechcraft workshop for January 2001...an excellent way to start the new year!
** Free participant's handbooks and certificates from the District.
Contact LGM Dr John Lau at johnlau@jlasc.com for more details.

3. Club Officers Training - 2nd round (Dec 00 to Feb 01)
- Part 2 requirement of DCP Goal #9.

January 2001

1. Start Planning for Toastmasters Month - Mar/Apr 2001
- form a organising committee, confirm dates/programs/venues
- promote Speechcraft, Success/Leadership Series, Speech Contests

2. Club-level Speech Contests for:
- International and Table Topics (Jan/Feb)

Finally, have a great holiday this season!

Wishing all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


With best regards
DTM Christopher Teo

01 December 2000
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