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DG's Message - November 2000

Dear fellow toastmasters,

A. Breakthrough with One-for-One
B. Believe...and have Confidence
C. Not to be missed...JB Semi-annual Convention
D. New additions to our family
E. District Calendar

A. Breakthrough with One-for-One

What a fantastic celebration of Founder's Day throughout the month of October in our District. The Toastmasters' spirit of sharing is alive! With each member inviting a friend to witness a toastmasters meeting or event, YOU have made a difference. Many of our guests have even signed up as members!

Keep the One-for-One spirit alive for the rest of the term! Tell-A-Friend about toastmasters everytime before we attend our club meetings...because they deserve to know what Toastmasters can do for them.

B. Believe...and have Confidence

How many time have we lose confidence in doing a project speech? We can become more confident by preparing and practicing our speeches at toastmasters. When we develop our communication skills by completing the ten basic speeches, our confidence enables us to perform our best.

As much as 95% of the people around us don't believe in themselves as they should. Most people feel that they are not good enough. The truth is that there is enormous potential within us to do much more.

Believe in yourself, and help your members believe in themselves. Push yourselves a little more outside your comfort zone. Help a friend succeed.

Take a moment to ponder. Start believing in yourself today. And experience the breakthrough...in your life!

C. Not to be missed...JB Semi-annual Convention

It is time for us to meet...at the JB Semi-Annual Convention from 17-19 November 2000. Let's celebrate our No.1 District achievements with the Hall of Fame Presentation. We will also be giving out the earlybird CTM/ATM as well as the Membership awards (current term 2000-2001) at the District Council Meeting on 17 November 2000. Not to be missed will be the District Humorous and Evaluation Speech Contests.

District Conventions are excellent for fun, fellowship and learning. Come for a breakthrough experience at Johor Bahru!

D. New additions to our family

A warm welcome to our family in District 51 (for month of September).

1. UEM Expressway Toastmasters Club 6472-51, Area C2

Chartered: 30 September, 2000
Sponsors: Dr William Lau ATMS (MIHRM), Dr A Arulnathan ATMG (MIM KL)
Mentor: Dr Edlin Abraham CTM (MIHRM), Anna Hue CTM (MII)
Sponsoring Club: MIHRM Toastmasters Clubs

Congratulations to all sponsors and mentors, and to all toastmasters friends who have helped to build the above club.

E. District Calendar

** TIP: Announce these events/programs at the end of each Club Chapter Meeting

November 2000

1. Membership Campaign: Tell-A-Friend!
** District 51 award **
- Governor's ribbon : for individual sponsoring 3 new members
** TI World-headquarters' awards **
- Tell A Friend pin : for individual sponsoring 5 new members
- Gold Star pin : for sponsoring 10 new members
- A Toastmasters necktie or scarf (new) : for sponsoring 15 or more members.

2. District Semi-annual Convention 17-19 Nov 2000
Eden Hotel, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
- PS/VPE to attend District Council Meeting on 17 Nov 2000
- Hall of Fame
- District Humorous and Evaluation Speech Contests
RM488/US$132 extended to 10 November
More details, contact: jb2000convention@yahoo.com

3. Breakthrough with Speechcraft
- Plan a Speechcraft workshop for January 2001...an excellent way to start the new year!
** Free participant's handbooks and certificates from the District.
Contact LGM Dr John Lau at johnlau@jlasc.com for more details.

December 2000

1. Club Officers Training - 2nd round (Dec 00 to Feb 01)
- Part 2 requirement of DCP Goal #9.

2. Club-level Speech Contests for:
- International and Table Topics
Start planning early, motivate your members to make a breakthrough at speech contests.


With best regards
DTM Christopher Teo
District 51 Governor, 2000-2001

01 November 2000
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