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Attend the JB Semi-Annual Convention!

Dear Fellow Toastmasters,

One month away and we, the members of the organizing committee and I are really anxious and excited, and very much looking forward to welcome all of you, Toastmasters of District 51 to Johor Bahru, Malaysia for the 8th Semi Annual Convention.

When I went through the registration list (it’s also published on our website : www.geocities.com/jb2000convention) I found that out of the 250 over clubs of District 51 less than half of this number of clubs have signed up for the convention, although to-date we have the highest number of delegates at semi annual convention of District 51.

As always, the big question is "What’s in it for me?" In my opinion, as a member of Toastmasters International, "Everything is in it for you in this convention". The very fact that this is a District’s convention would already been a call for you to be a delegate of this convention but we have more

1. Johor Bahru is in the center of District 51, geographically I mean, thus members from
· Singapore do not need to take a flight;
· Malaysia, we are in Malaysia anyway;
· Thailand, you are just across the border of Malaysia;
· Indonesia, take a speed boat from Batam; and
· Hong Kong, its vital you are our next convention point!

2. Its well known in Toastmasters that speech evaluation skills can make or break your club membership. A few months ago I visited a new club and members were so new that evaluators were invited from other clubs and at the end of the meeting I shared with members that it’s vital to know what other clubs are practicing with regard to evaluation skills. Fellow Toastmasters, here, right here in Johor Bahru on 17th November, the cream of the cream of evaluation skills will contest to unveil to all who have the opportunity to witness this contest what evaluation skills is all about!

3. A very big part of communication skills is learning how to make people laugh and to top it all they must all laugh and feel happy and good communicating with you! This is never an easy task and in Toastmasters, humor is very much part of the education program. Early in the morning of 19th November there will be the best of the best Humorous Speech contest contestants, who have worked so hard to make people laugh all the way from Club to Division level, and on this morning these fellow Toastmasters representing their respective Divisions will make you laugh so much that you will remember humor for a long, long time to come!

4. Personally, I have attended many conventions and they say you can network and learn much from EVERYBODY. I found that this is not true and my organizing committee shares the same view. The furthest level of communication I could achieve was ‘small talk’ and ended up with name cards. Thus, in this semi annual convention we have organized avenues for learning and experiencing from each other through

· Forum
· Battle of wits
· Malam Rasa Sayang (get ready to win prizes!)

5. We are number One! Yes, we will all be celebrating our achievement as the Top District in the Toastmasters world for term 1999-2000 at this convention.

I could go on and on with this convention, but YOU have to be here to see it, feel it and experience the breakthrough on YOUR OWN! Wait no more, sign up and gear yourself for a memorable time with us in the JB2000 convention!

Irene Lau, ATMB, CL
Organizing Chairperson
17th October, 2000

24 October 2000
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