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Toastmasters International's Day - One for One

Dear fellow toastmasters,

It is just two more days before TI or Founder's Day. Dr Ralph C Smedley who launched the first toastmasters club on 22 October, 1924 said "let us share with others the benefits we have gained for ourselves".

Have you invited a friend to a toastmaster's meeting or event this month? Take a minute from your busy schedule...do call (or even email) a friend and invite him or her to your next meeting. As we celebrate TI Day (or Founder's Day), let us remember that there are many more people around us who have not heard about Toastmasters. Never be reluctant to ask someone to attend a meeting that is fun, exciting and educational.

Your friends benefit from the toastmasters by participating in the program...just as we have reaped the benefits of the program. Your club benefits from new members too.

As we count-down to TI Day, remember One-for-One...every member invite a friend. It just that simple!

Let us experience the breakthrough, and help our friends experience the breakthrough too...in toastmasters.

Wishing all toastmasters a Happy TI Day! Let's celebrate!

With best regards
DTM Christopher Teo
District 51 Governor

22 October 2000
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