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Division D Contest Results

Congratulations to the following winners of our contests held on Sat 14th October 2000.

Speech Evaluation Contest

1st : Rosaline Phan - SRC TMC

2nd : James Leong - CPA Advanced TMC

3rd : Martin de Souza - SIA TMC

Humourous Speech Contest

1st : Kamlesh G Ramchand - NBS TMC

2nd : Ng Cher Khim - TMCS TMC

3rd : Edmond Ng - YMCA Singapore TMC

The number of Toastmasters who came to support their fellow Toastmasters was very gratifying and must surely been a contributing factor to the inspired performances of the Contestants.

The award for the Best Attend ance went to CPA Advanced with 14 members present. CPA Advanced also won the award for the Best Percentage present with a 63% membership attendance.

The champions will proceed to the Semi Annual Convention on 17th to 19th November 2000.

17 October 2000
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