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Dear Fellow Toastmasters

Early Bird CTM or ATM

Do remember that the deadline for the Early Bird CTM or ATM Awards is October 31, 2000. An 18k gold plated miniature Toastmasters pin awaits the Toastmaster who attains his or her CTM or ATM Award.

Similarly, Clubs attaining 4 CTMs and 2 ATMs by October 31, 2000 will receive either the "Better Speaker Series" worth US$29.95 or "How To Conduct Productive Meetings" worth US$30.00.

These Awards will be presented by the District at the Johore Bahru Convention this November. As at September 29, we have 52 CTMs and 22 ATMs.

Effective Evaluation Video Tapes

Evaluations play a vital role in helping members become more confident and effective speakers. It is important that evaluators realise the need for supportive useful evaluations.

To help Clubs and Members, I have ordered a copy of the "Effective Evaluation" video tape for each of our 12 Divisions. The stock arrived last week and Division Governors will receive their copy soon. These video tapes are for loan to clubs to give members a better idea of supportive useful evaluations. This is a new item and can be ordered from WHQ. Price US$9.95.

Mentor Award

A mentor who guides and supports a member for project speeches No. 8, 9 and 10 towards CTM will be awarded a Mentor Certificate. Mentors can submit their names, Mentee's name, Club Name to me at : llau2200@hotmail.com

Better Speaker Series

To help members present better speeches, Club Officers and members can conduct "Better Speaker Series" at Club meetings. Appoint Mentors to coach members who need help in their speeches.

If we want our members to become more effective speakers, we must encourage more and more CTMs and ATMs.

Friends helping friends succeed.

Best Regards
Lilian Lau DTM
Lieutenant Governor Education & Training

11 October 2000
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