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Fellow Toastmasters,

The membership campaign in August/September went on smoothly. We are waiting for the report from TI concerning the total number of new members recruited. It is expected to be ready by middle of October, 2000.

22 October is Toastmasters International day. We believe that you may be preparing for some events to commensurate the occasion.

Our DG Christopher Teo DTM has highlighted in his October message to urge all members to bring at least 1 guest to our club meeting. When this is in progress, we will have 7,500 guests attending the Toastmasters meeting in October, 2000. The objective is to create our Toastmasters awareness to the members of the public and to make effective communication a world-wide reality.

As we are celebrating the 76th anniversary of the formation of Toastmasters by Dr. Ralph Smedley, we shall be extending the Governor's Award to any individual members who has recruited 3 new members in the month of October/November, 2000 as well. It is a form of recognition our members' efforts to spread the good tidings of Toastmasters benefits to the members of the community

Let us experience the breakthrough together.

10 October 2000
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