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Speechcraft Returns Results

The speech craft program launched in July has produced some positive results.

Speechcraft to build new clubs

No. 1
CPA Australia started their speechcraft in early July has chartered the club with 20 members on July 26th, 2000. The speechcraft was well attended by 20 members who become charter members of the club as well. Speechcraft were conducted by John Lau and Mohd Ariff of Kenyaleng Emas Advanced TMC

No. 2
Simon Koh has conducted speechcraft in Singapore which resulted the charter of BLIA TMC in September, 2000.

No. 3
Anthony Leong conducted speechcraft for his colleagues. It is leading towards the charter of the club very soon.

No. 4
Irene Chen, AG H5 conducted speechcraft for Kowloon Manulife. It was attended by 30 members of the organization initially, but now they have 60 members attending the sessions. The club, according to Irene, shall be chartered in Sept. 2000

Speechcraft to build membership

Members are also encouraged to conduct speechcraft to recruit new members. As at end of August, 2000, the District has recruited 238 new members.

10 October 2000
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