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DG's October Message

Dear fellow toastmasters,

A. Toastmasters: Have Fun
B. Time-out : review for 1st Quarter
C. Founder's Day - One for One
D. New additions to our family
E. District Calendar

A. Toastmasters: Have Fun

During the past months, I had the opportunity to visit all our Divisions, and I am grateful to be able to grow with you in toastmasters. I would like to thank each of you for the great hospitality extended to me, as well as to our LGET Lilian and LGM Dr John.

I was truly impressed by the dedication and commitment of our leaders, but one distinct factor for successful clubs is that they have FUN in what they do! Isn't that why we are toastmasters? Are we enjoying ourselves when we are doing speeches and taking up leadership roles?

"People who enjoy what they are doing invariably do it well." - Joe Gibbs.

Enjoy every moment of toastmasters. Give our best shot...in our speech assignment, in membership recruitment, and in organising area/division activities. Sometimes when we have trouble having fun, it is probably because we are not doing it well. So go back to basic, work on what we are doing wrong and make it better. When we are prepared, we feel more confident, and we have more fun.

Have fun, toastmasters!

B. Time-out : review for 1st Quarter

With three months behind us, I must congratulate many who have experienced the breakthrough in toastmasters. As at 21 Aug, we have 41 CTMs, 22 ATMs, 15 CLs, 9 ALs and 8 DTMs. Bravo to three outstanding clubs (D'Utama Advanced, Hong Kong, Unilever) leading with 3 DCP goals as at 31 August. At the District/Division/Area, we have completed all Officers Trainings, launched educational and membership campaigns, issued the District Directory and District Newsletters/Website and chartered 3 new clubs (PPB Oil Palm, CPA Australia and Fo Yi Mandarin). My sincere congratulations to all the achievers on your successes. What an early breakthrough for the year 2000! [ smile :) ]

The journey is long ahead, and it is time now to call for a time-out session with our team to regroup our players, refocus our energy, and plan to achieve our dreams.

Remember the Club mission...to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every member has the opportunity to develop communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth. [do read it again]

Gather your Club's executive committee together this month, and review the progress on your Club Success Plan towards Distinguished. Review the following which are critical to our mission: - did the club cancel any regular meetings for the past months? why?
- were meetings well attended? if not, what can be done?
- did members present C&L-speeches? implement mentoring system!
- was there at least one non-toastmaster guest at each meeting?

Work closely on the above, and make a breakthrough for your Club this term!

C: Founder's Day - One for One

This month (October), we celebrate Founder's Day all over the world. Dr Ralph C Smedley who launched the first toastmasters club on 22 October, 1924 once said "let us share with others the benefits we have gained for ourselves".

Let us celebrate this month by each inviting one non-toastmaster guest to our next Toastmasters event. Do you know that more than 7000 people will be introduced to toastmasters if each of us were to invite a friend to our next meeting. That's the power of One for One. Like many, I first knew about toastmasters because a friend invited me to a toastmasters club. It took only an invitation!

Will you care enough just to do it? For your next toastmasters event in October, remember...pick up the phone or simply say these magic words to a friend: "I like to invite to you to my next toastmasters meeting, would you care to join me?". Be surprised!

Remember... One for One [say YES! I will invite a friend]

Do share with me your success stories on inviting a friend to a toastmasters meeting. I look forward to hear from you!

D. New additions to our family

A warm welcome to our family in District 51 (for month of August).

1. Fo Yi Mandarin Toastmasters Club 5236-51, Area M6

Chartered: 31 August, 2000
Sponsors: Tan Geik Boey, Teoh Lim Leong
Mentor: Ooi Poh Tin, Quah Kean Lim
Sponsoring Club: Bayan Baru Mandarin Toastmasters Clubs

Congratulations to all sponsors and mentors, and to all toastmasters friends who have helped to build the above club.

E. District Calendar

** TIP: Announce these events/programs at the end of each Club Chapter Meeting

October 2000

1. Semi-annual dues deadline is 1 October
- Send in your club's semi-annual dues immediately if not done so.

2. Toastmasters International Day (Founder's Day)
- Celebrate and publicise TI Day on 22 October
- One for One: Bring a non-toastmaster to your next Toastmasters meeting

3. Division-level Speech Contests for:
- Evaluation & Humorous
(must be completed by 22 October 2000)

4. Early-bird Educational awards by 31 October 2000 Last chance - complete those final assignments and earn your CTM/ATM.
*** Be a earlybird CTM/ATM and earn a miniature TM pin
*** Club achieving DCP's first 4 goals (4 CTMs, 2 ATMs) can choose:
"How To Conduct Productive Meetings (worth US$30) or "Better Speaker Series" (worth US$29.95)

5. Area Visit Forms due for submission by 31 October 2000
- Area Governors to mail the completed forms to DG

6. Breakthrough with Speechcraft
- Experience the wonders of Speechcraft workshop at your club today!
** Free participant's handbooks and certificates from the District. Contact LGM Dr John Lau at johnlau@jlasc.com for more details.

November 2000

1. District Semi-annual Convention 17-19 Nov 2000
Eden Hotel, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
- PS/VPE to attend District Council Meeting on 17 Nov 2000
- Hall of Fame
- District Humorous and Evaluation Speech Contests
Closing Date for earlybird full package RM488/US$132 up till 31 October.
More details, contact: jb2000convention@yahoo.com


With best regards
DTM Christopher Teo
District 51 Governor, 2000-2001

01 October 2000
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