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by Dr. William Lau, ATMS, CL
Area C2 Governor

In any organisation, growth and change are crucial; for without them, there shall be no life. Inactivity may lead to clubs extinction. Membership growth depicts progress, the will to succeed and evidence to share Toastmasters with others.

For Toastmasters International to have a strong presence throughout the world, we must avoid complacency at all cost. We need to increase membership strength through continuous recruitment efforts and building of new clubs besides providing a high level of quality in our service at all levels. These two factors hold the key to our success.

Extension efforts are not an overnight success. The traditional virtues of hard-work, perseverance and continuity know no substitutes. People will accept to join Toastmasters only if clubs are regarded as positive source of goodwill and service to the community.

The community will provide membership prospects if she perceives Toastmasters as a positive asset and where its value is well known or acknowledged.

My personal experience reinforces my belief that every toastmaster in this 2000/2001 term will be instrumental in bringing new blood into their clubs. In so doing, we will be able to spread the fire of our conviction that Toastmasters is indeed the most effective and the biggest organisation in the world that helps through its world-wide member clubs peoples regardless of their creed, religion, race or nationality improve their life quality through bettering their communication and leadership skills.

As an initial effort, may I enjoin you to start inviting your associates, friends, relatives and colleagues to your club for they are the TI's assurance of a successful presence and passage into the 21st Century. Let us "Experience the Breakthrough" together with them and continue to maintain our leadership as the No. 1 Toastmasters District in the world.

15 September 2000
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