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Membership Campaign and Semi-Annual Dues

The current August/September membership campaign has been on for 39 days. It will be another 22 days to go for these 2 months campaign.

During this campaign, some clubs have recruited 2 members, some 4 members, some 6 members and I understand that there is a club having recruited 12 new members.. Wow.. thank you all for the encouragement to the clubs officers.. Well done for the efforts...

Let us examine, " why communication is important ? Because we cannot do anything without it. Communication is necessary in order to avoid confusion. It's vital to any successful organization to be clear. When you communicate, you eliminate mistakes. everybody understands the system and udnerstands his responsibilities within the syste,, so that he/she can carry them out. " ( Pat Summit and Sally Jenkins in their book titled-- Reach for the Summit ) And Toastmasters provide the training for effective communication.

Please encourage all clubs officers to continue the membership drive. And to bring the Toastmasters benefits to more people. To enable them to improve their communication skills and foster self confidence and personal growth

The district marketing team has sent out membership leaflets as requested by members. We shall continue to do that until stock last. We have only 20 leaflets left.

All the best, if you have time, please consider the possibility to have a new club in your area as well..A new club means new group of people will be able to benefit from Toastmasters training. We encourage you to do it early, so that you can help them with speechcraft to lead them into the Better Communicator world.

Let us All Experience the Breakthrough...

Yours sincerely,

John Lau

10 September 2000
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