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Let the Contests Begin

by Edmund Chua

Contest Chairman, Chris Ng, ATMS reads the rules
The Area B2 Evaluation and Humourous Speech Contest, jointly organised by NUS Toastmasters Club and Tiong Bahru Toastmasters Club, brought a bust of activity to the usually quiet Tiong Bahru Neighbourhood in Singapore on the night of 31 August 2000.

Toastmasters from CSC, NUS, NUS Alumni and Tiong Bahru gathered to support their friends and members taking part in the Contest. While the purpose of the contest was to compete, the atmosphere was more on learning, reunion and friendship.

The test speaker, Yanni from Cheng San, volunteered for the role because she wanted the experience of being evaluated by many
Judges busy at work
experienced speakers at the same time. For many of the contestants, this was also their First Public Speaking Contest.

Cheryl Lin, from NUS said, "I am so happy as I have just met to lot of people whom I have not seen for a long time.". Toastmasters in Area B2 visit each other's meetings regularly so almost everyone knew each other.

(From left) Melisa Lim, Kit Phey Ling, Wendy Teo, Terence Lim, Rahdika
(From left) Linda Sim, Hendrik Van Der Meulen, Nealda-Leila M Yusof, Grace Tan, Veena Ramesh

The Evaluation Contest contestants evaluated Yanni's speech and gave many suggestions on improving speech content, choosing the right props and many others.

A diversity of methods to create humourous speeches, such as work experiences in choosing hair dyes, roasts to poke fun at friends, and opining on cruises were exhibited by the Humourous Speech Contestants.

In the end, Terence Lim and Grace Tan from NUS Toastmasters Champion of the Evaluation Contest and Humourous Speech Contest respectively.

Terence and Grace will represent Area B2 in the Division B Contest.

01 September 2000
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