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One of the highlight of the convention was the Hall of Fame. Our District has done exceptionally well for the term 1999-2000:

1. Top 10 Club newsletters awards

a. Topics
- by Hong Kong Toastmasters Club 1364-51
- Heather Cheung, Editor
- Bernard Yue, ATMB, Editor

b. The Toast
- by Johor Bahru Toastmasters Club 8406-51
- Toh Khye Tat, CTM, Editor

2. Top 10 District newsletters award
- Dream Chasers
- Lakhmichand M.A., ATMB, Editor

DPRO 1999-2000 Lucky (right) receving the Top 10 District Newsletter

3. President's 20+ Awards
- Maimunah Natasha, DTM

4. President's Extension Awards
- Maimunah Natasha, DTM

5. President's Distinguished District
- Maimunah Natasha, DTM
- Christopher Teo, DTM
- Lilian Lau, DTM

(L-R) International President Tim Keck DTM, LGET 1999-2000 Lilian Lau DTM, District Governor 1999-2000 Maimunah Natasha, LGM 1999-2000 Dr John Lau DTM, DG Christopher Teo DTM.

The whole group on stage

26 August 2000
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