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During the past few days, I have received news from Clubs that they have recruited 10 new members, some recruited 8 new members, some have recruited 5 new members.... and of course some of them are planning to launch the membership campaign.

The Objective of the membership campaign is to:

** making Toastmasters benefits available to as many people as possible

How shall we organise for membership growth:-

** please help the clubs to have a membership growth plan
** foster publicity programs using banners, newspapers and radio
** use speechcraft to create Toastmasters awareness
** organize top quality well planned meetings with quality speeches
** promote:- "bring the guest night" program
** word of mouth influences
** get new members involved in club activities

What is the memebrship recruitment target for every clubs under your care ?

Can we do better this time than the last time ?

From the District, we shall provide the following recognitions:-

For Clubs under 20 members -- KEY AWARD

-- to recruit 5 new members during the August/September membership month
-- membership forms submitted to reach TI by 30 September, 2000.

Governor's Award ( Ribbon )

This award is for an individual member who has recruited 3 new members during the August/September membership campaign month.

From Toastmasters International, the following membership awards will be presented:-


It is presented to clubs who has recruited 5 new members during the Aug/Sept membership campaign month


For any member who has sponsored 5 new members during this term.

Please help all the clubs to prosper with growing number of members..

All the best. I shall look forward to hear GOOD News from you.

Yours in Success,

John Lau, LGM

16 August 2000
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