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July Membership Activities

July, 2000 had a lot of exciting happenings:-

** Celebrating District 51 as the Number One District in the World !
** new clubs chartered
** 10 speechcrafts conducted
** marketing surveys completed
** Hong Kong Achievers joined District 51


We would like to welcome Hong Kong Achievers to District 51 Thank you DVG Alfred Tse ATMB, President Leslie Thong and my good friend Andy See ATMB for making this happen !!


Division E Area E4

Club No. 9837 - CPA Australia Toastmasters Club, Kuching.

Congratulations to Division E Governor Ming Ho ATMS and AG E4 Wah Mui Kin ATMS

Division K Area K2

Club No. 4302 - PPB Oil Palm Plantation Toastmasters Club, Sabah

Congratulations to Division K Governor Eleanor Wong DTM and AG K2 Judy Goh ATMB

How to Build Toastmasters Club booklets

WHQ has informed that 5 booklets have been forwarded to all Division Governors on July 25th, 2000. All AG and club members can get the supply directly from the Division Governors.


It is recommendeded that every area will sponsor ONE ( 1 ) new club in 2000/2001.

This is to HELP more people of our community to benefit from the Toastmasters communication training program. The area will also be a President Distinguished Area by having a NETT growth of ONE new club.


August/September is TI Membership campaign month. I am sure all clubs have been planning for membership recruitment and set your membership target in line with TI DCP goals No. 7 ( 4 new members ) and No. 8 ( 4 more new members ). All DVG, AG and Club President will be receiving the Membership campaign brochures from TI.

TI Membership AWARDS

WHQ will present clubs who have recruited 5 new members during the membership campaign month with Smedley Award.

WHQ will also present each individual member who has recruited 5 new members with the Tell A Friend Pin.


Under 20 members Awards During the membership campaign month, District 51 encourages all clubs under 20 members to recruit 5 new members. This will help the club to have more resources and ideas. The District will present to every clubs whose membership is below 20 as at June 30th, 2000 and has recruited 5 new members in August/September -- the KEY award

Governor's Awards District 51 will also present to each individual member a Governor's Ribbon for recruiting THREE ( 3 ) new members in August/September membership campaign month

SEMI ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP DUES AND RETENTION The October semi annual dues will become due on October 1st, 2000. Please encourage clubs to start collecting membership dues in August, 2000 and to send to TI by middle of September, 2000. This is to avoid the last minute rush. This will also allow ample time to enable us to find out if TI has received it on time.

SPEECHCRAFT Since the launching of the speechcraft as a tools for membership recruitment and building new clubs, many clubs and members have responded courageously. Kindly register the 5 copies of Speechcraft Participants handbook early at the district web site- http:// www.district51.org We will be sending you the handbook as soon as we have received from TI.

All the best and let us EXPERIENCE THE BREAKTHROUGH !!

Yours in Success

John Lau DTM
Lieutenant Governor Marketing 2000/2001

16 August 2000
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