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Tips to Help Clubs Achieve Their CTM and ATM Goals

The number of CTM and ATM awards are a measure of members successfully satisfying their need to be better speakers. Members have gone through a series of organized speeches doing their best at that point of their speaking development. The following are some tips to help clubs achieve their CTM and ATM goals.


1) Identify CTM prospects

2) Identify ATM prospects

3) Identify members at Project 5 to 9 levels

4) Identify members who wish to go for another CTM award. The second time is a different challenge. Practice makes perfect.

5) Chart their progress towards CTM or ATM completion

6) Work towards members achieving their CTM and ATM awards by October 31 to qualify for the 18k gold plated Toastmasters pin.

7) Work towards the Club achieving 4 CTMs and 2 ATMs by October 31 to qualify for either "How to Conduct Productive Meetings" or "Better Speaker Series"

8) Acknowledge members who have completed Project 5. They have made great progress and should be recognized for their effort. They are half a CTM. Encourage them to proceed to complete CTM.

9) Hold extra meetings to give members more speaking opportunities

10) Organise a CTM Nite for Project 10 speeches to be presented

11) Implement a Club Mentor Program (Catalog No. 1163) for new members. Appoint mentors for those members who are at Project 5 to 10 levels or ask members whether they would like mentors to help them in their speeches.

12) To help members build their speaking skills, evaluations skills and plan quality meetings, conduct educational sessions such as :

Better Speaker Series (Catalog No. 269)

Successful Club Series (Catalog No. 289)

The Art of Effective Evaluation (Catalog No. 251)

Evaluate to Motivate
(District will supply a copy to each Division on condition that details of date, time and venue of club presenting this program)

Moments of Truth
(District will supply a copy to each Division on condition that details of date, time and venue of club presenting this program)
Please refer to the Supply Catalog sent to all Club Presidents by Toastmasters International at the beginning of the new term. To save on shipping cost, perhaps Division Governors can co-ordinate orders from their respective clubs.

AWARDS FOR MENTORS (August 2000 to June 2001)

Mentors will be be presented with Certificates for helping fellow Club members develop communication and speaking skills through completion of the C & L manual.

If we want our members to be more confident and effective speakers, we must encourage more and more CTMs and ATMs!

With Best Regards
Lilian Lau DTM
Lieutenant Governor Education & Training 2000-2001

15 August 2000
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