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Why Clubs Need to be Distinguished Clubs

Since July 1, 2000 a bird’s eye view of District 51 would reveal Toastmasters all over the District enthusiastically planning and organizing programmes and events for the new term. For the last 6 weeks since June 28, I have been attending several Division Club Officers Training sessions, numerous Club Officers’ installations located in several Divisions, inaugural club meetings and speech contests almost on a daily basis, at times 2 to 3 functions in a day. The enthusiasm shown by Toastmasters and clubs is amazing. I am proud and pleased with the enthusiasm and commitment shown by club officers and members truly great new beginnings for our new challenges.


Most Division Club Officers Training sessions would have been completed by now and I am sure many clubs have been busy working on the Distinguished Club Program. To help Clubs, Toastmasters International has sent a copy of the booklet Distinguished Club Program/Club Success Plan - How to be a Distinguished Club to each and every Club President at the beginning of the new term. Division Governors and Area Governors have also been sent a copy each..


Todate, many clubs would have attended their Divisions Club Officers’ Training sessions and I am happy to note that many clubs have qualified for the half of Goal No. 9 for the June to August period. There will be a Second Club Officers’ Training scheduled for the December to February period and clubs must send their Club Officers to be trained to qualify for the second half of Goal No. 9.

For those clubs which have not achieved the 1st half of Goal No. 9, Area Governors have up to August 31 to help these clubs by training their club officers who have not attended or missed the Club Officers’ Training sessions.


Each year Toastmasters Clubs all over the world strive to be Distinguished Clubs. Clubs performances are constantly monitored by Area Governors and Division Governors.

How many goals have been achieved? Why?

Distinguished Clubs are a measure of club success in areas of education and membership.

Why is Club success so important?

If Clubs fail or are unsuccessful, it is the members who are deprived of the full benefits of the Toastmasters program.

Most members join Toastmasters to be better speakers. The purpose of the Toastmasters Club is to provide the environment for members to develop their speaking skills as well as their leadership skills. The Toastmasters program is only available through the Toastmasters Club. The reason why Toastmasters International wants Clubs to achieve Distinguished Club goals is to help clubs ensure that members are completing their Communication & Leadership project speeches or Advanced Project Speeches regularly and that there are enough members to hold quality meetings. Thus the need for effectively trained Club Officers to manage these Clubs. Therefore, Distinguished Clubs are successful clubs where members needs are met.

The number of CTMs and ATMs which each club has set as its goals will help clubs achieve 4 goals in the DCP program. Number of CL, AL or DTM - this will help clubs to achieve 2 goals.

Go for the CTM and ATM educational awards. If we want our members to be more confident and effective speakers, we must encourage more and more CTMs and ATMs!

With Best Regards
Lilian Lau DTM
Lieutenant Governor Education & Training 2000-2001

15 August 2000
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