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District Governor's August Message

A. We are No.1 in the world!
B. Quality Clubs Evaluate to Motivate
C. Communications
D. Smedley Awards
E. District Calendar

We are No.1 in the world!

My dear fellow toastmasters,

What a miraculous feat for District 51! Yes, we are No.1 is the world for two consecutive years. Can you feel the energy and excitement within each of us? We have improved on the quality of our Clubs, especially with the introduction of the new Distinguished Club Program. Our Clubs are now more focused on Quality than just pure numbers.

Congratulations to our Immediate Past District Governor DTM Maimunah Natasha for her great leadership, and to every toastmasters who have made this possible. Each of you have indeed Moved Beyond.

B. Quality Clubs Evaluate to Motivate

One of the best ways to help your members Experience the Breakthrough in their Communication skills is through Effective Evaluation. This is the heart of the Toastmasters educational program. A good evaluator motivates the speaker to improve his or her next project. I remembered fondly how my evaluators pointed out my weakness in vocal variety, and helped me breakthrough in my speaking voice. I have also seen many toastmasters improving tremendously with effective evaluations. You too can make that difference for your members by evaluating to motivate.

Here are materials from Toastmasters International to help you and your fellow Club members become better evaluators:
Catalog No. 251: The Art of Effective Evaluation (2.5 hours)
Catalog No. 292: Evaluate to Motivate (10 mins)
Catalog No. 290: Moments of Truth

Take part in the upcoming Evaluation Contests, and learnt how you can Evaluate to Motivate. When we evaluate effectively, we will improve the quality of the speeches at our Club meetings. Our members will grow, and so will the Club.

C. Communications

I mentioned previous month that Communications will be one of our major initiatives this term. I like to commend our District Secretary CTM Josephine Lee for an excellent job done for the District Directory which will be release by the 2nd week of August.

For this term, all seven Club Officers will receive a District Directory each. We hope that the Directory will promote communications amongst all Club Officers, and amongst Areas and Divisions.

D. Smedley Awards

Clubs submitting 5 new members during Aug/Sep will be awarded the Smedley Award ribbon. Members recruiting 3 new members will earn the Governor's ribbon (debut for District 51). Go for it, start recruiting now! Bring along your friends, let them Experience the Breakthrough!

E. District Calendar

August 2000

1. Breakthrough with Speechcraft
- Plan, Publicise, Put on a Good Show
- ** Free participants handbook and certificates from the District, Contact LGM John Lau at johnlau@jlasc.com for more details.

2. Club-level Speech Contests for:
- Evaluation
- Humorous (Tip: hold both contests on same day)
- (August through September 2000)

3. Toastmasters International Convention
Miami, Florida, USA
If interested, please contact coordinator
Shirin: shirin@pacific.net.sg

4. District Semi-annual Convention 17-19 Nov 2000
Closing Date for earlybird full package
special RM388/US$105: *** 31 August ***
Thereafter RM488/US$132 up till 31 October
More details, contact: jb2000convention@yahoo.com

September 2000

1. Area-level Speech Contests for:
- Evaluation
- Humorous (Tip: hold both contests on same day)
- (September through October 2000)

2. Start collections for Oct semi-annual dues


With best regards
DTM Christopher Teo
District 51 Governor, 2000-2001

01 August 2000
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