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Congratulations from International Director

Hello District 51 Toastmasters,

Congratulations on your # 1 performance. Once again your District has shown the rest of the world how to be successful in Toastmasters. I am very proud of all of you; and even prouder to have had the chance to join you at your Kotra Kinabalu Convention.

Attaining the # 1 District recognition for the second year in a row is an extraordinary achievement, but to earn a THIRD Consecutive # 1 recognition would be a new World record. Go for it - and Experience The Breakthrough!

Swifter! Higher! Stronger! You can do it!

I look forward to meeting with the wonderful Toastmasters from District 51 again, either in Miami next month, or in Hong Kong at PANSEA 2001.

Johnny Uy, DTM
International Director, 1999-2001

29 July 2000
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