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New Beginnings and New Challenges

July 1, 2000 heralded the beginning of a new term for District 51 - new beginnings and new challenges - an opportunity to experience the breakthrough to reach greater heights of excellence and achievement for each and every member, for each and every club.

The mission of Districts worldwide is to enhance the performance and extend the network of clubs, thereby offering greater numbers of people the opportunity to benefit from the Toastmasters educational program by:

- Focusing on the critical success factors as specified by the District educational and membership goals
- Insuring that each club effectively fulfils its responsibilities to its members
- Providing effective training and leadership development opportunities for Club and District officers.

It is clear from the mission statement that the continuing strength and growth of the Toastmasters movement depends on Districts worldwide carrying out their mission.

I have therefore set my vision and goals in accordance with the spirit of the mission of the District so that District 51 may continue to contribute to the growth of our great movement through :

- our clubs achieving their educational and membership goals as provided in the Distinguished Club program.
- Trained Club Officers effectively managing their clubs with the mission and the member in mind to ensure strong successful clubs and satisfied members
- Effectively trained leaders for our Clubs, Areas, Divisions so that these Club Officers and District Officers fulfil their responsibilities to their members, clubs, areas, divisions and District 51.

My Vision:
Experience the Breakthrough
Excellence in Educational Achievements

My hope is for each and every Toastmaster to travel the path towards the CTM, ATM, CL, AL and DTM Awards, setting personal goals of excellence. We all come from different backgrounds with different standards in our command of English. We are not expected to speak Queen’s English nor are we expected to be dynamic public speakers. However, we should endeavour to speak good English and be effective speakers.

The Toastmasters program is more than public speaking. We should set our own personal goals of excellence and as we progress along, we will find to our pleasant surprise that we have improved in varying degrees from the day we took our first step towards the lectern as a fledgling Toastmaster. This is achievement for each and everyone of us and we should always acknowledge our own progress no matter how small, in our journey as Toastmasters.

Goals :

· 100% of Division Governors and Area Governors trained
· 100% of Club Officers trained
· Every club to achieve its CTM, ATM and CL/AL/DTM goals towards

Distinguished club status :
- 1000 CTMs (4 CTMs per club)
- 500 ATMs (2 ATMs per club)

These figures are based on the estimated total net clubs as at June 30, 2000 plus potential new clubs built in the current term 2000-2001.

· Promote personal growth for Toastmasters and others through the Toastmasters educational program.


Awards will be given as an incentive to individual members and clubs which achieve the specified criteria by October 31, 2000. These awards will be presented at the semi-annual convention in Johore Bahru in November, 2000

Be an "Early Bird CTM or ATM" by October 31, 2000

1) Member Attaining CTM or ATM award by October 31, 2000 will get an 18k gold plated miniature Toastmasters pin.
2) Club Award
Clubs achieving 4 CTMs and 2 ATMs by October 31, 2000 will get either a choice of "How To Conduct Productive Meetings" (worth US$30) or "Better Speaker Series" (worth US$29.95)

It is my hope that all Club Officers and District Officers realize the importance of their responsibilities and contributions. Every one contributes towards the growth of not only our organization, Toastmasters International but also towards the growth of each and every person who is a Toastmaster and those who join Toastmasters. If we put our hearts and minds to this great purpose, we will help to build a Better World and a Brighter Tomorrow for all.

Strive for Excellence! Fellow Toastmasters.
Strive for Excellence and Experience the Breakthrough!

18 July 2000
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